A big piece of our mission at Raw Elements is to educate people on how their actions and choices can affect our planet and do our part to protect it.

Last Saturday, in honor of International Surfing Day, we joined forces with Surfrider, Ancolie NYC and Package Free Shop and headed out to clean up Rockaway Beach.

Despite the rain, everyone stayed motivated, and we were able to collect over 100 lbs of trash! That may seem like a lot, and it is a lot, but the fact is that the average American generates 1,650 lbs of trash each year. To put it into perspective, that's the size of 3 baby elephants and roughly the height of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Here are some great ways that you can help reduce your waste:
  • Stop using plastic straws
  • Use a reusable produce bag
  • Give up gum
  • Buy items that come in boxes instead of bottles
  • Reuse containers.
  • Use a reusable bottle or mug for your drinks
  • Bring your own container for take-out
  • Don't use plasticware at home and ask restaurants not to pack it for you when you order food
  • Pack your lunch in reusable containers
  • Use biodegradable, reef safe personal care products
  • Don't buy anything disposable
  • Use towels instead of paper towels
For more tips and ways to live a zero waste lifestyle: Trash is for Tossers
To shop for zero waste clothing: Zero Waste Daniel
To shop for products that are package free: Package Free Shop
To find out about future beach cleanups: Surfrider

Every little bit helps. We must do what we can for future generations!