Dont Think SPF is Crucial in Winter - Think Again!

Regardless of the temperature outside, ultraviolet rays are the same strength year-round. While clouds can block and diffuse them, certain atmospheric conditions including partially cloudy skies can actually increase their potency.

Similar to water, reflection off snow can magnify the strength of UVs by 80%. And if you’re up in the mountains, you’re even more vulnerable. At high altitudes, UVs are more intense and potentially more damaging.

People are also less likely to take precautions against the sun when it’s cold and cloudy, which adds to that risk. This inevitably leaves people more exposed when UV-amplifying mechanisms do take place.

While we need sunlight to produce Vitamin D especially during winter months when we may spend more time indoors, for those of us who continue to be active and outdoors for extended periods, we should continue to take precautions to stay sun safe. It is dangerous to be overexposed to UV rays no matter what season it is.

Take care of your skin with safe sun practices and have fun out there!

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